Wildlife Fund

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Wildlife Grants

The Wildlife Fund was established thanks to the generosity of Carlos and Donna Royal. Known by millions around the world as "landlords" to Molly the Owl and her family – they have done an amazing job of educating and inspiring people about wildlife right in their back yard. Through their wise and dedicated approach they brought attention – and funds – to help San Marcos wildlife.

The Wildlife Fund is a community interest fund and is not endowed. Additional grants will be made from the fund as donations are received. We are grateful for the many generous people around the world whose donations and purchase of merchandise generated dollars to benefit San Marcos wildlife education and preservation.

Wildlife Fund Grants can be made to any non-profit organization serving San Marcos for projects to help with wildlife education or preservation. An agency can apply for a mini grant of $1,500 or less or a regular grant of $1,500 to $10,000. The mini grants are awarded monthly and the regular grants are awarded quarterly.

As of September 2018, about $4,000 is available for Wildlife grants. This is an non-endowed fund.

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