Arts and Cultural Fund

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Arts and Cultural Grants

Established as a provision in the Heart of the City specific plan, a public art in-lieu fee was created to assist in promoting art and cultural initiatives that enrich the artistic and educational climate of San Marcos.

Beginning in FY 2009-10 and each year thereafter, if funds are available, the City of San Marcos will make available funding to eligible organizations for the purposes of implementing artistic and cultural events and/or activities that generally benefit the San Marcos community. Applicant organizations must have been in existence for at least one year with a history of producing an art or cultural program. Organizations requesting funds must be community based, meaning at least 51% of the Board of Directors shall be made up of San Marcos residents, San Marcos business owners, employees of San Marcos businesses or a combination thereof.

The San Marcos City Council designated the San Marcos Community Foundation to implement the art and cultural grant program.

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