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The City of San Marcos is accepting applications to fill vacancies on various Board, Committees, and Commissions.  Please click on the vacancy notice for the list of vacancies and other information.  

COMMISSION VACANCY NOTICE  - No current commission vacancies




General Information

The City of San Marcos values public involvement in the city’s decision-making process. city commissions, committees, and boards are one vital component to bringing new ideas to the City Council and representing the diverse community.  Members of these commissions, committees, and boards are a valuable resource for city government by assisting the City Council make the most informed decision for the benefit of the entire community. 

Each year, the public has an opportunity to apply for vacant and expired positions.  As part of the annual City Council review of appointments process; citizens of the city, pursuant to the Maddy Act (Act), have equal access to specific and current information about the many local regulating and advisory commissions, committees, and boards.  The Act provides all qualified applicants the equal opportunity to be informed of vacancies and opportunities to participate in the operations of local government by serving on such commissions, committees, and boards.

Commission, Committee, and Board Appointments

Each commission, committee, and board is comprised of citizens who are interviewed and appointed by the Mayor and City Council.  Terms of office vary according to commission, but most either expire June 30 or December 31.  Board members serve at the will of the City Council or until a qualified successor has been appointed. Residents wishing to be considered for an appointment should complete an application form available online or contact the City Clerk’s office at (760) 744-1050, ext. 3145 to request a copy. 

Additional commission, committee, and board information, including qualification requirements, can be found on their respective webpages listed below. 

Applications are active for one year and are kept on file in case additional appointments need to be made due to resignations or other unforeseen circumstances. 

Applications for appointment must be filed by the vacancy notice deadline in the City Clerk Department, 1 Civic Center Drive, San Marcos, CA 92069. 


Some commissions, committees, and boards receive a meeting stipend for the work that is done in relationship to their duties as a member.  Additional information can be found on the individual commission, committee, board information page. 

Reporting & Training Requirements

All public officials, including commissions, committees, and board members, must file annual conflict of interest form with the City Clerk’s office as required by state law.  These forms are public records and are available to the public upon request.  The forms require disclosure of information that may cause a conflict of interest which includes: income, business ownership, property interest in the community, gifts received, etc.

Legislation also requires elected officials and appointees to have two hours of ethics training every two years.  The City offers this training to all commission,committee, and board members in compliance with the law. 

Additional Information

The City Clerk’s Office is available for questions regarding appointments at (760) 744-1050, ext. 3145 or by email at

For specific information  on city commission, committee, and boards, please click on your interested body below. 

Budget Review Committee

General Plan Advisory Committee

Parks and Recreations Commission

Planning Commission

San Marcos Community Foundation

San Marcos Creek Specific Plan Oversight Committee

Student and Neighborhood Relations Commission

Traffic Commission

Youth Commission

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