The City of San Marcos hosts a variety of events each year from parades and community-focused festivals to sporting tournaments.  Other special events include walks, business promotional events, street fairs and fundraisers.  

A Special Event Permit (SEP) is required for any event that is outside the scope of normal services offered by the City.  Below is a list of common conditions that would require a SEP.

Please read the Special Event Permit Policy before submitting your application to learn about conditions, fees and all other necessary information.
• Impact to Public Right-of-Way
• Traffic Control Required
• Alcohol
• Amplified Sound
• Park Shelter Reservation with Anticipated Attendance Above Stated Capacity
• Food truck
• Public Safety Services Required

Special Event Permit Block Party Permit

YSC Member Organization Permit film_permit_icon

Types of Permits

Special Event Permit - This application covers examples such as parades, art/street fairs, 5K events, jog-a-thons, beer fests, festivals, bike rides, etc.

Block Party Permit - This application is for neighborhood block parties that are not open to the general public or are for fundraising purposes.

Youth Sports Council (YSC) Member Permit - This application is for YSC Member Organizations only and covers events such as Opening/Closing Day, and Tournaments. 

Film Permit - Filming that takes place in or would impact any city parks, city facilities, or city streets or alleys (street closures, lane closures, traffic control, or impact to parking) requires a filming permit.

How to Apply

Applications can be emailed to or submitted in person at the following address:

Attn: Special Event Permit Applications
3 Civic Center Dr.
San Marcos, CA 92069

All payments related to SEP's can be made in person with the cashier at the front counter of City Hall or via phone by calling 760-744-1050 x3272


Event Permits for City-Hosted Special Events

City-Hosted Event Application (for City staff use only)