Property Value & Preservation Ordinance

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To help preserve property values and enhance the quality of life in San Marcos, the City Council approved a property value protection and neighborhood preservation ordinance in September 2009. The ordinance was developed with extensive resident feedback and addresses a number of minimum standards for property appearance and maintenance not currently covered in the San Marcos Municipal Code.

“This ordinance will help the City actively maintain property values and preserve the integrity of established neighborhoods,” explained City Manager Jack Griffin.

The regulations apply only to portions of private property visible from the public right-of-way and address things like outside storage, accumulation of junk and outside placement of indoor furniture.

They also cover the general condition of buildings and structures, landscaping and overgrown vegetation, and other unsightly or dilapidated conditions. Abandoned vehicles, neglected appliances and temporary tents, shelters, canopies and tarps are prohibited under the new rules, which also specify permissible off-street parking locations.

A full public education campaign has been implemented to inform residents of the new guidelines before any action is taken by the City’s code compliance office. To read the entire property value and neighborhood preservation ordinance, please see the information below.

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