San Marcos Creek Infrastructure Improvements

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The San Marcos Creek Bridge Project will add the needed infrastructure to relieve long-standing flooding issues and improve traffic circulation while revitalizing and conserving the San Marcos Creek. 

The project will include new bridges that spanning Bent Avenue and Via Vera Cruz, a promenade trail connecting the two bridges, as well as bike, pedestrian and signal improvements on Discovery Avenue at Bent Avenue and Via Vera Cruz. Funding includes federal, state and local sources and the city is expected to advertise for construction in spring 2019. 

Expected to take up to three years to complete, street and bridge construction is expected to begin in fall 2019.

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The San Marcos Creek District infrastructure will include:

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Project Progress

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What's going on around the creek?

With multiple enchancments taking place at the same time in the San Marcos Creek area, take a look at the interactive map below to learn about each active project.

 A. Main Square

Implementing Agency: Developer (Blue Band Enterprises)

Description: The project proposes a mixed-use development with 42,305 square feet of commercial space, 519 apartments (including 22 live/work units), and 820 surface and underground parking spaces on 4.5 acres at the corner of San Marcos Boulevard and Mc Mahr Drive.

Phase: Planning

Construction Schedule: Unknown

Contact: Norm Pedersen, City of San Marcos, 760-744-1050, ext. 3236

B. San Marcos Blvd and Discovery St Intersection Improvement Project

Implementing Agency: City of San Marcos

Description: The project will widen approximately 650 feet of San Marcos Boulevard in the westbound direction at the intersection with Discovery Street, remove a free-right turn from San Marcos Boulevard eastbound to Discovery Street, re-align the north side of the intersection to improve intersection functionality; and, install a new signal at the intersection.

Phase: Design

Construction Schedule: TBD

Contact: Isaac Etchamendy, City of San Marcos, 760-744-1050, ext. 3273

C. University District Off-Site Improvements

Implementing Agency: Developer (Urban Villages LLC)

Description: The project will construct a second left turn on eastbound San Marcos Boulevard onto northbound Via Vera Cruz and reconfigure striping of southbound Via Vera Cruz.

Phase: Design

Construction Schedule: Winter 2018

Contact: Lewis Clapp, City of San Marcos, 760-744-1050, ext. 3214

D. Discovery Street Extension

Implementing Agency: Developer (H.G. Fenton Co.)

Description: The project will extend Discovery Street from its current ending at Bent Avenue and Craven Road to connect east to Twin Valley Oaks Road. The project also includes wetland mitigation and private development.

Phase: Design

Construction Schedule: Summer 2019

Contact: Lewis Clapp, City of San Marcos, 760-744-1050, ext. 3214

E. San Marcos Boulevard Reconstruction Project

Implementing Agency: City of San Marcos

Description: Reconstruct portions of San Marcos Boulevard, Replace deteriorating signals and improve pedestrian crossings from Grand Avenue to Rancho Santa Fe Road.

Phase: Pre-Design

Construction Schedule: Summer 2022

Contact: Isaac Etchamendy, City of San Marcos, 760-744-1050, ext. 3273

F. San Marcos-Escondido Transmission Line 69KV Project

Implementing Agency: San Diego Gas and Electric

Description: The project proposes to construct 69 kV overhead power lines. Within San Marcos, the project will start on Discovery Street at the Discovery Street/La Sombra Drive intersection and continue north until San Marcos Boulevard where the overline will continue west on San Marcos Boulevard

Phase: Design

Construction Schedule: Unknown

Contact: Unknown

G. Sewer Improvements for Rancho Tessoro

Implementing Agency: Developer (Brookfield)

Description: Upgrade sewer line along Craven Road from Santa Barbara Drive to Discovery Street.

Phase: Construction

Construction Schedule: Winter 2017

Contact: Kyle Wright, City of San Marcos, 760-744-1050, ext. 3209

H. Sewer Interceptor Project

Implementing Agency: Vallecitos Water District

Description: The project includes reconstruction of an existing sewer interceptor that is located on the north side of San Marcos Creek west of Via Vera Cruz and in San Marcos Boulevard west of Mc Mahr Road.

Phase: Pre-Construction

Construction Schedule: Spring 2019

Contact: Jason Hubbard, Vallecitos Water District, (760) 744-0460

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