San Marcos Traffic FAQs

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Traffic Signal & Lighting FAQs

  • How do I request a new street light to be installed on my street?
  • How can I get copies of traffic-related documents, such as speed surveys, traffic studies, traffic volumes, or accident reports?
  • How can I get street lights repaired on my street?
  • Why is the WALK light so short and the flashing DON'T WALK light so long?
  • A traffic signal light bulb is out, how can I get it fixed?
  • How long will it take for someone in the City to check out a malfunctioning traffic signal?
  • I believe that a traffic signal is not working properly or taking too long to change. How can I get it fixed?
  • How do I request a traffic signal at an intersection?
  • How many traffic signals are there in the City?

Traffic Safety FAQs

  • How can I get a Transportation Permit? What information do I need?
  • There is a parking problem on my street. What can the City do about it?
  • How can I get the curb paint designation changed for a particular location? (e.g., from none to red)
  • How can I get faded markings, such as STOP lines or pavement legends repainted?
  • How can I get my street repaved?
  • There is a sharp curve in my neighborhood where drivers tend to cross to the other side. How can I get signs installed to warn traffic?
  • How can I get a stop sign installed in my neighborhood?
  • It is not safe to cross my neighborhood street. Can I request a crosswalk to be installed at a nearby intersection?
  • A traffic sign has been knocked down, how can I get it fixed?
  • How does the City determine the speed limit on a street?
  • There is a speeding problem on my street. What can the City do about it?
  • The speeding problem in my neighborhood continues, even with intermittent enforcement by the Sheriff’s department. What else can the City do?

Traffic Signal Operations FAQs

  • What is the purpose of cameras at intersections? Do you also record and keep videos from the cameras?
  • Why do main street movements get significantly more green time which causes side street traffic to wait?
  • Does pushing pedestrian push button multiple times help to bring pedestrian signal sooner