Honk Less, Wave More

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Honk Less, Wave More LogoWhenever you can...Honk Less and Wave More. 

In San Marcos, we believe horns are tools for safe driving, not aggressive driving.

We encourage all of you to enjoy your travels through our town while keeping it kind, even on the road. 

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  • Future projects planned to improve traffic
  • Honk Less, Wave More Courteous Driving Pledge

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10 Manners that Matter on our Roads

  • Make your drive pleasant, not a competition or a race. 
  • Signal your turn. It’s not only safe, it’s polite.
  • Tap your brakes only to slow down, not to frustrate another driver.
  • Red lights are not optional, and yellow lights don’t mean speed up.
  • Traffic happens. Speeding and weaving are not the answer.
  • Braking and lane changing are best done in advance.
  • Tailgating is rude and unsafe. Avoid it at all times.
  • Shine your headlights proudly, but not in another driver’s eyes.
  • Let cars merge. Blocking takes more energy and won’t get you there faster.
  • Wave “thank you” when someone is kind to you on our roads.

Recently Completed Projects

Improving the roads we all travel

Like all cities, San Marcos has a unique blend of traffic patterns and routes that experience more traffic volume than others. We are conveniently situated between two major freeways, which means our roads easily take our residents where they need to go. It also means that San Marcos thoroughfares might be choice routes for others as well.

Over the past few years, the City has implemented many improvements to alleviate traffic in key areas including the:

  • Coordination of traffic signals on San Marcos Boulevard, resulting in a 40 percent improvement in travel time;
  • Replacement of outdated lights with LED traffic signals to enhance visibility and safety;
  • Installation of new signals at key intersections to provide for safer travel and crossings;
  • Advancement of our City’s signal reliability and speed with our citywide ethernet project, and installation of fiber optic communication lines. 

Each of these initiatives, and many others, mean that the City of San Marcos is continually working to improve the infrastructure, systems and

The Three Es of Traffic Management

A community’s traffic (or lack thereof) results from the synergies between engineering, enforcement and education, commonly referred to as the “Three Es” in city government circles.

Engineering iconEngineering

This is what San Marcos traffic engineers do to make traffic continue to flow smoothly and safely. Examples in San Marcos include calibrating traffic signal timing and using highly visible LED lighting.


Enforcement IconEnforcement

San Marcos’ Sheriff’s Department enforces driving and safety laws to ensure our roads are as safe as possible.


Education IconEducation

Empowered with knowledge, San Marcos residents can bolster the City’s engineering and enforcement efforts to make our roads more pleasant and safe to travel.


Reporting IconReport a Traffic Suggestion

In 2019, the City of San Marcos will launch a new app—the San Marcos City App—designed to give San Marcos residents a free, real-time, and simple way to use their mobile device to report community issues such as graffiti, traffic signal outages or potholes. Until the app is ready for its public debut, let us know about your suggestions by visiting