Discharge Detection & Elimination Program

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Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Program

The program is directly implemented by the City of San Marcos in coordination with its Public Education & Outreach Program. The program helps educate all agency staff and the general public on how to identify illicit discharges and how to report such activities to ensure that they are addressed in a timely manner. Rain water is the only thing that is allowed to flow into the gutter, street, storm drain, drainage ditch, creek and/or water body.

List of common and not-so common illicit discharges (coming soon)


A key element of this program element are routine and complaint driven inspections. Agency personnel routinely patrol the City in search of situations that qualify as a stormwater program violation. The goal of these inspections is not to levy fines, but to work with the various sectors of the community to ensure compliance. However, at times fines are issued in order to ensure regulatory compliance.

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