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Emergency Medical Services

The San Marcos Fire Department is proud to offer a full-service Paramedic program. Using a combination of Paramedic engine and truck companies operating from four fire stations, as well as five Paramedic transport ambulances, this program allows SMFD to provide advanced life support to reach the patient as quickly as possible.

Ambulances are staffed with a combination of Firefighter/Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians who have been cross-trained in both firefighting and emergency medical techniques for advanced life support. 

The engine and truck companies are each staffed with a crew of three. The primary mission of these units is to respond to a wide variety of emergencies as a “first responder” and to take initial action. On an emergency medical call, the Firefighter/Paramedic that is assigned to this unit can quickly start advanced emergency medical life support with the help of the other two crew members that are trained as EMTs and Advanced Life Support Paramedics.

San Marcos Fire Department responds with at least one first responder fire apparatus and one Paramedic ambulance to every emergency medical assistance request. This allows for at least two Paramedics to attend to the needs of the medical patient and enough ancillary support personnel to assist in safely moving the patient and providing for scene control.  

Since first responder companies are disbursed throughout the city, they are often closer to a medical emergency, which places a qualified Paramedic at the patient’s side minutes before the ambulance can arrive. 

Through a combination of first responder Paramedic units and transport capable Paramedic ambulances, the Department can offer increased flexibility in meeting patients needs, while at the same time having more Paramedics available in the case of mass casualty or multiple patient incidents. Further, the system has allowed the Department to measurably improve on its emergency response times as Paramedics are able to reach the patient on an average of less than five minutes.


San Marcos Fire Department
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