Virtual Recreation

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Provided by San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department

The City of San Marcos would like to keep our community active, strong and supported during this time of disappointing cancellations and closures. The purpose of this page is to provide information and resources that may be helpful in continuing to achieve your health, wellness and educational goals through this unprecedented time. Our first priority is a healthy and safe community and it is important that we all stay engaged, active and connected. 

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Virtual Recreation & Learning Resources

1. Virtual Field Trips - Visit zoos, aquariums and more with this list of links for virtual field trips. Additional trips.

2. Workout with The CAMP Transformation Center through their YouTube Channel workouts.

3. Learning Resources via this list of Education Companies offering free subscriptions and Scholastic's Learn At Home page.

4. Have a celebrity read some of your child's favorite books at

5. Enjoy a night at the opera through nightly live streaming from The Metropolitan Opera in New York.

6. Go on a virtual museum tour via this list of 12 famous museums offering virtual tours.

7. View different activities to do at home with your kids via this Pinterest Board.

8. You can check out Good Housekeeping's list of 50 activities that will keep kids entertained for hours.

9. Learn Spanish with your family through stories and lessons by using this free resource at The Spanish Experiment.

10. Learn some cool STEM at home activities through NASA STEM curriculum for grades K-4.

11. Learn strategies for working on anxiety, stress, self-control, gratitude and positivity from The Counseling Teacher.

12. Join other Parks & Recreation agencies through their at-home activity or exercise videos or other resources:

I. City of Novato Parks and Recreation #NovatoFunatHome

II. Livingston Parks and Recreation #LivingstonVirtualRec

III. Dallas Parks and Rec through videos.

IV. Grandview Parks and Recreation through videos.

13. Join the City of San Marcos Parks and Recreation Facebook Group for more resources that we find.

14. Learn and build a flourishing yoga practice right in your home with Yoga with Adriene.

15. Have a virtual Disney ride experience via these YouTube POV videos posted by parkgoers.  

16. Pley Sports, one of our contract class providers, is posting some videos so your sports skills don't get rusty.

17. Music Class with Kristen is offering an online music class! 

18. If you are going to use any parks, trails or open space, follow these guidelines put out by the National Recreation and Parks Association.


15. Join in the fun with the National Academy of Athletics to stay engaged in your sport of choice: and .

16. Adults can check out this article about MOOCs (Massive open online courses) on

The bottom line to all of this in these times are to remain engaged, active and healthy.