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Horizon Room
Community Room
Arts & Crafts Room
Rec Room

The San Marcos Senior Center is located two blocks north of State Route 78, off the Twin Oaks Valley Road exit. This active center is used for a variety of events and activities including senior classes, community meetings, small business conferences, church functions, non-profit functions and more.

Rental offerings within the Senior Center include the Horizon Room, Recreation Room, Community Room and Crafts Room. 

Horizon Hall 
The Horizon Hall can accommodate up to 200 people dining room style and theater style seating. With more than 2,000 square feet, the room rental includes round tables and chairs. Available amenities include a microphone with podium, a CD player and a projection screen.

Recreation Room
The Recreation Room can accommodate up to 60 people dining room or theater style. The rental includes tables and chairs. No food or drinks are allowed in this room.

Community Room
The Community Room can accommodate up to 25 people and includes chairs and rectangular tables set-up conference room style.

Crafts Room
The Arts & Crafts Room accommodates 25 people and included chairs and rectangular tables set-up classroom style.