Commercial Park Use

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Commercial Park User


Have you ever wanted to start your own outdoor class?  Why not give it a try in one of our beautiful parks!  As of Oct 1, we now have a formal process where you can apply to run your own fitness, dog training or other outdoor class in designated park space.  Below is all the information you need to begin the application process.


Please review the guiding principles for a Commercial Park User:


  • User offers service or activity utilizing open space park areas for which they charge a fee
  • User must obtain permit and meet other policy-specific requirements
  • User cannot compete with City-offered programs/classes
  • Activity / service must be offered within commercial use hours and designated park areas

For further information, please review the Commercial Park Use Policy:


Commercial Park Use Policy

Commercial Park Use Application


Any further questions regarding commercial park use should be directed to Recreation Supervisor Holly Payad,