Digital Orthophotography and Contours

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City of San Marcos Ortho Imagery and Contour Data

Ortho imagery (4” resolution) and 2’ topographic contour lines are available for specific project areas upon request.  Please allow 10 business days to process your request.

DISCLAIMER: These data sets are meant for preliminary design and should not be used as a replacement for survey accurate data.


2014 2' Contour Lines

Coordinate System:
State Plane, NAD 83, CA Zone VI, NAVD 88

Tile Size: 5000' x 5000'

Date of Flight: Late 2014 - Early 2015

Available File Formats: Esri shapefile (.shp), Esri File Geodatabase (.gdb), or CAD file (DWG R2010 or DXFR2010) 

Using automated scripting routines in ArcGIS, a terrain surface was created using the ground (ASPRS Class 2) LiDAR data as well as the hydro-flattening breaklines.  This surface was then used to generate the final 2 foot contour dataset in ESRI geodatabase format.

Download topo tile grid reference map and public data request form.


2017 4" Ortho Imagery

Coordinate System:
State Plane, NAD 83, CA Zone VI, NAVD 88 

Tile Size: 2640' x 2640' 

Date of Flight: March 2017 

Available File Formats: Uncompressed TIFF

This dataset contains 3-band (RGB) orthophotos at 4-inch ground pixel resolution. The orthophotos are available as uncompressed TIFF file format with corresponding TFW files. File size is approximately 200BM per tile. Data is available for specific project areas upon request.

Download the ortho tile grid reference map and public data request form


Submit a Public Data Request

Please submit a public data request form for ortho imagery or contour data. The completed form can be submitted via email to City Clerk or the GIS Division for processing. Please allow 10 business days to process your request. You will be contacted by city staff when your request has been completed.

To assist with processing your request, please specify the required ortho or topo tiles for your project area by referencing the ortho tile grid map or the topo tile grid map. For 2’ contours, please specify the desired file format for your data to be delivered.