SB 272 - Enterprise Systems Catalog

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California Public Records Act, Local Agencies Inventory

Beginning July 1, 2016, the State of California requires all local agencies to create a catalog of multi departmental systems or systems containing information about the public that store original records and post the catalog on their agency website.

The City of San Marcos, in adherence with the latest amendment to the California Public Records Act (SB 272, 2015), has made available the following list of the enterprise systems it utilizes:

Application Manufacturer Purpose & Product Description  Primary Managing Department 

Frequency of Data

Munis Tyler Technologies
A finance and human resource management system that offers Accounts receivables, payroll, contract management, human resources, purchasing, budget processing, and employee self services. Finance, Human Resources, IT  Daily
 TRAKiT Sungard Public Sector A community development system that offers permit tracking, code enforcement, project tracking, customer response management, business license, and land management. IT Daily
Lucity Lucity An asset management system that offers storm assets, tree and park assets, fleet assets, equipment assets, facility assets, and general assets. Public Works, IT Daily
Active Net Active Network A recreation and event management system that offers recreational activity registration.  Community Services, IT Daily
ArcGIS ESRI A geographic mapping system that offers GIS database, layers and web mapping services for citizens and businesses IT Daily
QuickServe Suite Progressive Solutions A false alarm billing software that provides false alarm tracking and billing solutions. IT Daily
Avante Laserfische A document management and retention system designed to archive city documents. City Clerk, IT As needed
Telestaff Kronos A public safety scheduling software that provides time and attendance entry for public safety employees Fire Department, IT Daily 
Outlook Microsoft Email software that provides a full-service email system. IT Daily
Voyager Yardi A property management software that provides property management for city-owned property. Real Property Services, IT Daily
Legistar Granicus Agenda management software that offers agenda, resolutions and meeting management tools. City Clerk, IT As needed
Clancy Clancy Systems  Parking enforcement and billing software. Housing & Neighborhood Services, IT Daily