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Prior to establishing a contract with any of the qualified consultants below, private applicants must contact City staff and establish an agreement to ensure a shared understanding of analysis scope and process.  Please contact Planning Manager, Joseph Farace at

The City of San Marcos Development Services Department has qualified the consultants listed below to prepare environmental documents and related technical studies under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  Private applicants may contract directly with the primary consultants in the preparation of technical analyses and environmental studies as formally agreed upon by the City and the Applicant.

Environmental documents and technical analyses prepared by parties other than the consultants listed below will not be accepted by the City.*

It is the City’s goal to ensure an efficient, cost-effective and positive process through close collaboration with the Applicant and their consultant at the outset of any study preparation.  City staff may require additional information obtained through an Informational Meeting (IM) and/ or project application submittal to ensure that there are shared expectations regarding project description, study scope, timing of City document review, roles and overall project schedule prior to study initiation.

The City reserves the right to not accept studies prepared without initial City input, or to require that parties prepare substantially revised documents at their cost and with likely impacts to project schedule.

The publicly advertised solicitation for the CEQA Qualified Consultant list is closed and complete. The term of the Qualified Period is until Fall 2022, with a potential one-year extension, which may be exercised at the City’s sole discretion. Please note, there are a variety of projects and departments throughout the City, so future opportunities to work with the City may be available. For future solicitations, please refer to the City's Bids & RFPs page.

** Consideration may be made for studies prepared prior to the implementation of this revised CEQA process (prior to 10/05/17) and agreed upon by City staff.

Qualified Consultant List
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