FEMA & Floodplains

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San Marcos Floodplains

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has identified areas in the City as special flood hazard areas. These special flood hazard areas are commonly identified as floodplain and/or floodway. All structures within these areas are required to carry flood insurance due to their higher risk of flooding.

Development within San Marcos floodplains

Development within the floodplain may be permitted, provided that the project meets the minimum construction standards identified in the San Marcos Municipal Code (§20.255).

Significantly improving an existing structure in the floodplain requires that the entire structure meet the minimum construction standards. Construction standards include, but are not limited to, flood proofing, anchoring, minimum finished floor elevations, and documentation of how the project meets the regulations.

Development in a floodway

The floodway is the channel of a river or watercourse (and the adjacent land) that must be reserved to convey flood waters. Development in this area is generally prohibited and improvements in this area must not cause a change in the water surface elevation.