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The City of San Marcos has made great efforts in streamlining the solar permitting process. The following checklists and worksheets are provided for your information and convenience as required by AB2188 (the worksheets are not required to be used to get a permit). Typical residential systems are an over-the-counter permit.

What is Solar?

A solar energy system is a solar collector or other solar energy device to provide for the collection, storage, and distribution of solar energy for space heating, space cooling, electric generation, or water heating. A system typically consists of panels or arrays mounted on a rooftop or ground frame. A small rooftop solar energy system is a system that is no larger than 10 kilowatts alternating current nameplate rating or 30 kilowatts thermal.

Any proposed solar system must conform to applicable building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, or fire codes as adopted or amended by the City and State. The solar panel or module array shall not exceed the maximum building height as defined by the applicable zone in the Zoning Ordinance.


Eligibility Checklist (Coming Soon)
Submittal Requirements (Coming Soon)
Photovoltaic Inspection Checklist (Coming Soon)
Building Permit Application