Public Facility Fee Deferral Program

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Program and Purpose

The fee deferral program gives developers the option to defer impact fees, also referred to as Public Facilities Fees, but only until the development is ready for its utility release. The purpose is to assist new development by gradually implementing the upfront costs of development in the City of San Marcos.

Which projects are eligible?

All new development that is subject to payment of Public Facilities Fees (PFF).

What fees are eligible for deferral?

The following PFF's can be deferred: 

     • Streets, circulation
     • SR-78 Interchanges
     • NPDES
     • Technology improvements (GIS)
     • Parks
     • Habitat Conservation
     • Drainage Basin fees

Deferred fees will be calculated at the time the request for utility inspection by the Building Division. Note: Project processing permit(s) and inspection fees are not eligible for deferral.

Collection of Fees from other agencies

The City does not have the jurisdiction or authority to defer the collection of fees imposed by other agencies, such as the school district or the various water authorities.


An application to defer payment of PFF must be completed and approved. As a condition of the deferment, a lien will be recorded on the affected property with the County Recorder for the County of San Diego, in the amount that is deferred and shall be enforceable against successors in interest to Owner.

To request a PFF deferral, please return the following forms to the Building Division located at City Hall, 1 Civic Center Drive.

Request to Defer Public Facilities Fees Form
Real Property Security and Lien Agreement
Drainage Map

For more information, please call (760) 744-1050 ext. 3241.