Contractors' Guide

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This page is designed to assist contractors in understanding the requirements and procedures involved in the permit and inspection process regulated by the Building Division. The information is presented as an overview of the standards.

Requirements Prior to Permit Issuance

The completion of grading and the certification of pad elevation are required prior to obtaining a permit for any new building. The pad certification is submitted to the Public Works Department at least 24 hours prior to permit issuance. School fees shall be paid to the school district prior to permit issuance. School letters cannot be completed without assessor parcel numbers for each permit. A Vallecitos Water District "will serve" letter is also required prior to receiving a building permit.


Inspections will be performed within 24 hours of calling for inspection. Calls for inspection prior to 4 pm will be performed the following day. Underground plumbing inspections require a 10-foot head of water and the waste pipe fully exposed. Foundation inspection requires a setback certification prior to inspection. Rough frame inspection includes rough electrical, mechanical, and plumbing. When requesting a shear nail inspection and the "ok to wrap", all Plumbing and electrical installations, straps and nail protection must be in place in the areas requiring inspection. 

Planning, Fire, Engineering, and Public Works

These departments play important roles in the permit and inspection process. Plan approval is required from all four divisions (Building, Planning, Engineering, and Fire). All four perform final inspections. It is best to know the planner or engineer for your project so that your questions can be directed to those individuals. Questions about streets, sidewalks, and storm water pollution protection during construction should be directed to the public works inspector.

Certificate of Occupancy

Once your Final Inspections are completed, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued.  Certificates will be issued for New Residential and Commercial structures, as well as Tenant Improvements establishing or expanding a use.  Your inspector cannot approve the Final Inspection until all internal and external departments approve the project.


Forms, Fees and Schedules