San Marcos Creek Specific Plan Oversight Committee

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The San Marcos Creek Specific Plan Oversight Committee is created for the purpose of monitoring the implementation of the San Marcos Creek Specific Plan as well as conducting a formal progress report on the San Marcos Creek Specific Plan every two years.  City staff and consultants shall consult with, and obtain the advice of, the Committee concerning those policy matters that deal with the build-out and implementation of the San Marcos Creek Specific Plan. 



Fifteen regular members (one of which is a non-voting Chair) appointed by the City Council

Meeting Time/Location:

Two to four times per year as needed / City Hall – Valley of Discovery Room

Length of Term:

Four years

Responsible Department:

Development Services


Applicant must reside within the city limits or within the existing San Marcos Sphere of Influence



Financial Disclosure:

Must submit Conflict of Interest statements (FPPC Form 700)


City staff provides an initial orientation and ethics training in accordance with State law


Josephine Carroll 01/22/19 12/31/21
Michael Harris 01/10/17 12/31/20
Edgar Engert 06/13/17 12/31/20
Juanita Hayes 01/10/17 12/31/20
Michael Russo 01/10/17 12/31/20
Richard Hyde 01/10/17 12/31/20
Stephen Kildoo 01/10/17 12/31/20
James Cooper 01/22/19  12/31/21
Wayne Lindquist 01/22/19 12/31/20
Dean Tilton 01/10/17 12/31/20
Michael Caltabiano 01/24/17 12/31/20
Kelly Crews 01/24/17 12/31/20
Craig Garcia 01/24/17 12/31/20
Matt Simmons 01/24/17 12/31/20
Charles Zahl 01/24/17 12/31/20
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