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Mission Statement

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San Marcos Mission Statement

The mission of the City of San Marcos is to improve the quality of life of those who live, work or visit San Marcos by providing a safe family atmosphere that is rich and diverse in cultural and natural resources and promotes economic and educational opportunities.

San Marcos Vision Statement

We the people of San Marcos imagine a vibrant community, rich in its ethnic and cultural diversity, working cooperatively to build a center for commerce, economic development and job growth built upon a broad foundation of high-quality educational institutions. We imagine an ecologically balanced, well-planned community that promotes the interest of all its citizens young and old, rich and poor, newcomers and old timers. We imagine a community that values its quality of life, which is preserved by its citizen-oriented government committed to opportunity, while preserving the community’s small-town suburban atmosphere and maintaining a safe and secure environment.

San Marcos Core Values

The City of San Marcos employees, in striving to provide community service through responsive government, adopt the following Core Values:

  • Provide a safe community with a high quality of life.
  • Deliver consistent and responsive service.
  • Ensure ethical, professional conduct by City employees.
  • Provide quality service to residents.
  • Provide for housing opportunities to all income groups.
  • Strive to be proactive, innovative and solution orientation.
  • Plan and build for the future.
  • Be business friendly but citizen-oriented government.
  • Protect the financial health of the City and promote the economic viability of the City and region.
  • Protect the environment.
  • Offer open, inclusive government.
  • Operate the City as an efficient business entity.


San Marcos Motto

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