General Aquatics Questions

  1. Where are the pools located?

    1. Woodland Park Pool at 671 Woodland Parkway, San Marcos

      1. On Woodland Parkway between Rock Springs Road and Borden Road/El Norte Parkway.

    2. Cerro de Las Posas Park Pool at 1387 W Borden Road, San Marcos

      1. In the park that is located at the corner of Las Posas Road and Borden Road. The entrance to the park is on Borden Road.

  2. What are your hours?

    1. Click here to view our current hours of operation.

  3. What forms of payment do you accept?

    1. Credit/Debit cards, Cash, Check, Cashier’s check, or money order.

    2. Cashier’s do not hold a significant amount of change so correct change and credit card use are appreciated.

  4. How much does it cost to come in? Can I come in and out multiple times?

    1. Daily admission to Open Recreational Swim is $4 per person. Admission to Family Swim Night is $5 per person.

    2. Once admission has been paid for a guest, that guest may come and go any number of times during the same session of Open Recreation Swim.

  5. How old does my child have to be to require payment for admission?

    1. Children under 2 are free with a paying and accompanying adult.

  6. How old does my child have to be to enter and stay in the pool on their own without an adult chaperone/guardian?

    1. Children 13 and up can enter and stay in the pool on their own. Children 12 and under require a paying and accompanying adult.

  7. Why do I need to pay admission if I am not going to be getting in the water?

    1. Capacity dictates that only a certain amount of people may enter the facility at a time and if someone does not pay admission, they are taking the place of a paying customer that does want to swim. Also, if something should happen to you while at the facility, the friendly aquatic staff would assist you. No discounts are given for those not swimming.

  8. What discounts are available?

    1. No discounts are offered for Daily Admission. Splash Pass Members receive a $5 discount on aquatics classes. Residents receive a 10% discount on aquatics classes and a $50 discount on Splash Passes.

  9. Do you have any membership, monthly passes or rewards program?

    1. Annual Splash Passes can be purchased online or in person at the pools or the Community Center during their regularly scheduled operating hours. There is no rewards program at this time. Click here to view information about our Annual Splash Passes.

  10. Do I have to wear a swimsuit? What qualifies as proper “swim attire”?

    1. All guests entering the water must wear proper swim attire that is suitable for wearing in a family-friendly environment, is made to withstand pool chemicals, and is clean.

  11. Can we bring in food/drinks and where is it appropriate to consume them?

    1. Food and drinks are allowed within the facility and must be kept away from the pool area. No alcohol or drug paraphernalia is allowed. There is also no cooking or glassware allowed on site.

  12. Can we bring our own chairs?

    1. Guests are allowed to bring in their own chairs but not shade due to wind factors. The City of San Marcos is not responsible for any personal belongings brought on site.

  13. Can we bring in alcohol?

    1. Alcohol, drug paraphernalia, smoking of any kind and glass are prohibited in the facility.

  14. What water toys can we bring to the pool?

    1. Water toys that are allowed are: coast guard approved life jackets/vests, pool noodles, balls, and small figurines. Other floatation devices are not allowed and all toys are permissible only when being used appropriately and not causing any problems.

  15. Are swimming lanes available? Is there a designated lap swim time?

    1. Las Posas Pool offers available swimming lanes during Open Recreational Swim.

    2. Swimming lanes are available for rent when the pool is not otherwise already in use.

  16. Is there anything to purchase at the pools?

    1. Each pool has a small supply of swim diapers for children in need of swim diapers and Las Posas Pool has two vending machines. Other than that, guests can purchase Splash Passes or register for Aquatics Classes.

  17. How can I rent the facility?

    1. Facilities can be rented online, or in person at either pool during operating hours or the Community Center.

Swim Lessons Questions

  1. How much are swim lessons?

    1. Group Swim Lessons are $60 for 8, 30 minute classes. Saturday sessions are half price because they consist of 4, 30 minute classes.

    2. Semi-Private Lessons are $130 for 8, 30 minute classes. Saturday sessions are half price because they consist of 4, 30 minute classes.

    3. Private Lessons are $200 for 8, 30 minute classes. Saturday sessions are half price because they consist of 4, 30 minute classes.

    4. Splash Pass membership holders receive $5 off per class. Residents receive a 10% discount off per class.

  2. How many kids per class?

    1. Group Lessons have between 3 and 8 participants. Semi-Private Lessons have 2 to 3 participants. Private classes have 1 participant.

  3. What should I bring?

    1. A swimsuit, goggles if your swimmer would like and a towel to dry off after. We always recommend applying  sunscreen 20 mins prior.

  4. How can I register?

    1. Lesson enrollment can be done online at, at either pool during operating hours, and at the Community Center.

  5. How do I know what level my child is in?

    1. We offer free in-water assessments at both pools during open recreational swim which provides the most accurate level to register the participant. If there are time constraints, you can view the level descriptions online at

  6. What is an in-water assessment?

    1. It is a quick “Show us what you can do” with your swimmer and one of our instructors. It allows us to gauge the swimmers comfort level and readiness to learn and what basic skills are already known for a better lesson level fit.

  7. How do I participate in an in-water assessment?

    1. To do an in-water assessment, show up to either pool during Open Rec Swim and let the cashier know you are there to do an assessment. They will help coordinate getting an instructor available to do the assessment. Be ready to jump into the pool, swim suit on. Please allow about 10-15 minutes as we have to safely coordinate with the staff to make an instructor available.

  8. How are the instructors trained?

    1. All of our instructors have completed the American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor course. This course covers all the levels and skill we offer and how to make adjustments for students that learn differently.

  9. Why can’t my children be in the same class?

    1. Your children can be in the same class if they are the same level and close in age. By having our swimmers at the same ability it allows them to work together and progress on a skill. By all the swimmers being around the same age, it allows the instructor to teach to everyone at a level that is best understood.

  10. If I pay for a private lesson can both of my children attend?

    1. No. Private lessons are set up for there to be one-on-one attention from the instructor to student and to customize the lesson to the one student. We offer semi-private for 2-3 students that would allow both children to attend and a possible third participant.

  11. How do I sign up for a semi-private class?

    1. Sign ups for semi-private lessons can be done at either pool or at the Community Center. In-Water assessments still need to be completed so that the level of the semi-private can be marked. Should the class not meet a minimum of two participants, the option will be given to pay for an upgrade to a private lesson or the class will be cancelled. The enrolled participant will then have the option of transferring into a group class or receiving a refund.

  12. How do adult swim lessons work?

    1. Adult lessons are geared to the adult learner and the skills they would like to learn or improve upon.

  13. For the Parent & Child class, does the instructor teach the parent and the child?

    1. The instructor will help the child build water comfort by using the parents as someone whom they are comfortable with. The parents are used as a tool to build the basic water comfort skills for their child.

  14. What should participants wear to class?

    1. Appropriate swim attire which includes a swim diaper if the participant typically wears diapers. Goggles and swim caps are not needed but may be recommended for higher levels. Participants with long hair need to ensure that their hair is tied back and allows free movement.

  15. If one child is sick, can my other child take the course?

    1. No. The space is for the student enrolled. The other child might not be at the same level or ready to do the skills planned for the lessons.

  16. If my child cannot make it all of the days of a session, is the session pro-rated?

    1. No, we do not pro-rate the sessions for any missed days as you are enrolling in the class and occupying that spot that could otherwise be utilized by another participant..

  17. If my child misses a class, is there a make-up?

    1. No, we do not offer make-ups or refunds for lessons.

Hiring Questions

  1. When are you hiring?

    1. Typical hiring season is late January through March of every year for our summer season.

  2. What do I need to do to become a lifeguard?

    1. In order to become a lifeguard, you must become certified in Lifeguarding through the American Red Cross or a comparable approved training program, you must pass the in-water assessment, interview, background check and physical. Please see the Aquatics Jobs page for more information.

  3. What do I need to do to become an aquatics instructor?

    1. In order to become a lifeguard, you must become certified in Lifeguarding through the American Red Cross or a comparable approved training program, you must pass the in-water assessment, interview, background check and physical. Please see the Aquatics Jobs page for more information.

  4. Can my parent complete the application process for me?

    1. Your parent can certainly assist with the application process however candidates are highly encouraged to complete the process themselves.

  5. What do I bring to the in-water assessment?

    1. A swimsuit, goggles and a towel to dry off after, plus a positive attitude that will make a great impression on your potential future supervisors/managers.

  6. What do I need to bring to the interview?

    1. A great attitude, a copy of any certifications and resumes you may have.

  7. What should I wear to my interview?

    1. Dress to impress. Remember this is your first impression. Casual to dressy business attire fits the bill.

  8. What kind of work environment can I expect when I begin work at San Marcos Pools?

    1. A fun one! We are in the business of having fun with safety in mind.

  9. What type of people are you looking to hire?

    1. Ones that can have fun while keeping safety a priority and are not afraid to work and take initiative.

  10. If I have specific questions about my application process, who can I contact?

    1. If your questions are about if your application was submitted, if documents were attached successfully or about the physical and background check, you can contact Human Resources at (760) 744-1050.

    2. If your questions are about the job itself, the assessment process, the interview, possible job site locations, or basic expectations of the job, please contact the Aquatics Supervisor at (760) 744-9000 ext. 3505.

  11. I turned in my application, what now?

    1. You will be contacted to come to an interview and in-water assessment (not for Facility Attendants) by the Aquatics staff. If your position requires an assessment and you complete it successfully, you will be scheduled for an interview at a later date. After your interview, you may have to wait a few days to learn whether or not you are being offered the position. Please be sure to keep an eye out for a phone call or email from city staff to get you scheduled for a physical examination and background check.