Transportation & Utilities

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Cable  (those cable providers that hold state franchise agreements to provide service in San Marcos)

AT&T Telephone & Television
(888) 284-6170

Cox Communications 
(866) 939-3173

Direct TV
(877) 644-1928

DISH Network
(888) 321-7209

DISH Latino
(855) 320-7494

Time Warner Spectrum
(858) 695-3220

Gas & Electric

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)
(800) 411-7343
Learn more about SDG&E assistance for income-qualified customers.

Solid Waste

EDCO Recycling & Waste Collection
(760) 744-2700


North County Transit District
(760) 966-6500


Vallecitos Water District
(760) 744-0460