Waste & Recycling

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Trash and Recycling

The City of San Marcos is committed to helping residents take care of our environment by offering a comprehensive and convenient trash and recycling program in cooperation with EDCO Waste & Recycling Services.

For more information on the City’s trash and recycling programs, call (760) 744-1050, ext. 3116.

Household Recycling

Convenient curbside recycling is offered for single family residences through EDCO Waste & Recycling Services. All recyclable materials should be put in the blue recycling cart and placed at the curb on regular trash collection day. Recyclable items include newspaper, cardboard, mixed paper (copy paper, "junk" mail, magazines, telephone books, cereal boxes), aluminum cans, steel tin cans, rigid plastics, glass containers, plastics marked with "1" through "7" and all beverage containers labeled CA Redemption Value or CA Cash Refund.

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Yard Waste Recycling

Convenient curbside yard waste recycling is offered to single family residences through the City’s contract with EDCO Recycling and Waste Removal. Yard waste materials like grass clippings, weeds, tree branches no longer than four feet in length, leaves and hedge trimmings may be recycled by putting the material into your green waste cart and placing it at the curb on the regular trash collection day.


Where Can I Take It?

  • Where can I take it?
    Not all items can go into the trash because they may contain hazardous substances that pollute our environment. Listed here is where you can safely dispose of those items at no cost.

Mandatory Commercial and Multi-Family Recycling

  • Mandatory Organics Recycling
    Starting on April 1, 2016, businesses are required by state law to begin recycling their organic waste.  The phased in implementation schedule varies depending on the amount of waste businesses generate per week.  This page provides information about the law.