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We're raising the bar of public service by empowering our employees to use their talents to innovate, learn and lead so that San Marcos can discover a brighter future.






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 Every day, more than 90,000 people will be depending on you. Whether your job is front-and-center or behind-the-scenes, your work will benefit the greater good.


We operate a little differently  than most cities, and we’re proud of that. So, bring  your fresh ideas.  You’re going to need them here.


When our employees learn and grow, the whole city benefits.

We’re making San Marcos better, together. 

 This city is one of the area’s most desirable places to live—and that’s largely thanks to the collective effort of our city team working toward a greater goal. 


Meet some of our team.  

Think everyone here has a background in government?
Think again. There’s been quite a mix of career paths that have led to San Marcos City Hall —  and we think that varied experience is a big plus. 

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Learn how San Marcos is different.  

If our approach feels less like your typical government and more like a business, that's because it is.  
In fact, our city was founded on that philosophy. 
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