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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • How deep does a gas pipe have to be buried? An electric line?

  • Whom should I contact for information on birth, death and marriage records?

  • Where can I register to vote?

  • When was the City of San Marcos incorporated? Become a Charter City?

  • When and where does the City Council hold its meetings?

  • What defines a swimming pool? A spa

  • What are the current adopted codes?

  • How many sets of plans and calculations do I need?

  • How do I obtain a Business License?

  • How do I contact the City Council?

  • Do I need an architect to draw the plans?

  • Do I need a permit?

  • Why does a fire engine respond when I call for an ambulance?

  • Where can I get fire extinguishers refilled?

  • How do I report some overgrown vegetation in my area?

  • Do you offer CPR classes?

  • I would like a station tour, is this possible?

  • Who do I contact about questions on my ambulance bill?

  • Do I need to complete the employment history section of the application, or can I just attach a resume?

  • Is it okay if my application is postmarked by the filing deadline?

  • How soon can I expect to hear something after I submit my application?

  • Will you accept applications for positions that are not posted on the employment opportunities page?

  • If I do not get the position that I applied for, will my application be considered for future openings?

  • What if I change my phone number or address during the application process?