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The City of San Marcos is committed to transparency in government by making project information available online. This map is the online doorway to find some of our active and adopted plans and projects. Click a blue push pin on the map to learn more about a plan or project. List view and table view of projects are also available.

The development projects tables are identified by residential, mixed use and commercial/industrial types. Please contact the developer directly for project details such as construction timing, cost and availability.

The map is intended to provide a general overview of active projects and may not be representative of all proposals submitted to the city’s Development Services Division so some plans and projects may not be included on this map. For example, the city also works on planning various citywide programs as well as policy and legislation changes, Environmental Review & Sustainability, and the city's comprehensive General Plan.

For more information about projects in San Marcos, contact the city's Planning Division at (760) 744-1050. 

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Project Status: In Progress
Applicant Name: City of San Marcos

Specific Plan Description 
San Marcos Creek Specific Plan Oversight Committee 
Workshop Materials 
San Marcos Creek District Infrastructure Projects

San Marcos Creek Specific Plan Update Header

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Throughout the course of the update there will be multiple ways to get involved and share your feedback:

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About the Specific Plan Update

In 2007, the San Marcos Creek Specific Plan was adopted by City Council and accepted by the community to shape the future of the Creek District into a new downtown area.  


Envisioned to pair with the North City (University District) Specific Plan to create a comprehensive downtown in the heart of San Marcos, the 2007 plan included 2,300 dwelling units; more than one million square feet of retail and/or commercial space; 589,000 square feet of office space; a 20-acre park and 74 acres of urban open space.  


Beginning in 2015, City Council requested a review of the plan that recognizes a changing economy, new demand for housing options and changing community preferences.  Retail and market realities have changed the dynamic and demand of development in San Marcos since the original Specific Plan was adopted.


Given the loss of redevelopment funds, increase in online marketplaces, and the growth in the San Marcos community over the last ten years, the Creek Specific Plan is being updated to maximize the potential and opportunities of the Creek District while maintaining as much of the original community vision as possible.  


We want to hear from the community!

Please submit any comments or questions to

San Marcos Creek Oversight Committee

What's Changing?

  • Project boundaries and limits of development
  • Amount, location, and orientation of office and retail
  • More flexible standards 
    (allowed vs. required)
  • Implementation strategies

What's Staying?

  • Vision for an urban, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use community
  • Creekside Promenade trails and park space (construction to begin late 2018)
  • Vibrant public spaces for social interaction and sense of community

Specific Plan Update Process

The Creek Specific Plan will be updated and amended in two phases. The first phase involves updating the vision and land use plan for the Creek District.  The second phase entails amending the technical documents, presentations to the Planning Commission and the City Council, and final adoption anticipated by Summer 2018.

Phase 1, Updating the Vision
Phase 2, Amending the Specific Plan

San Marcos Creek Specific Plan Oversight Committee

Made up of fifteen council-appointed San Marcos residents, the San Marcos Creek Specific Plan Oversight Committee monitors the implementation of the San Marcos Creek Specific Plan and provides formal progress reports to City Council every two years. In light of  a changing economy, new demand for housing options and changing community preferences, City Council directed the committee in late 2015 to review the plan. The committee will recommend plan updates to City Council that maximize the potential and opportunities of the Creek District while maintaining as much of the original community vision as possible.  

Committee Meeting  and Workshop Materials
Agendas Presentations and Project Documents
Agenda - March 27, 2017 Meeting Presentation
Meeting Minutes  
 Agenda - April 24, 2017 Framework Principles Presentation
 Meeting Minutes Retail Market Study Presentation 
  Plan Area Exhibits
  Outreach and Engagement Update 
 Agenda - May 22, 2107  Infrastructure and Engineering Exhibits
 Meeting Minutes  Plan Area Exhibits
 Agenda - June 19, 2017  
 Meeting Minutes  
 Agenda - July 24, 2017  

San Marcos Creek Specific Plan Document
San Marcos Creek Specific Plan FEIR

Retail & Market Analysis (MBI) - June 2017
Retail & Office Market Analysis (London Group) - 2015
Phase II Market & Financial Analysis (London Group) - 2016  

San Marcos Creek District Infrastructure 

Beginning in early 2018, Phase 1 of the San Marcos Creek District infrastructure will include construction of a new four-lane bridge spanning the San Marcos Creek on Via Vera Cruz, a two-lane bridge on Bent Avenue, widening of Discovery Street between the bridges, a portion of the Creekside Promenade park and habitat and flood protection improvements.

The Promenade at Creekside mixed-used project at the western side of the project area at Bent Avenue is complete and an adjacent project, East Gate, is under construction.  The Main Square project is being modified to reflect a parking change.

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